1. Wilcor Determines Freight Carrier
Wilcor will choose UPS, FedEx, common carrier, or Wilcor truck based on most competitive rate. Wilcor covers frieght cost only. Lift gate or special assistants must be paid by recipients.

2. Qualifying for Free Freight
The freight amount will appear on your invoice but  can be deducted only when your invoice is paid on time. 



3. Wilcor Delivery Schedule
If Wilcor has a scheduled delivery in your area within five business days, your order will be sent by Wilcor truck, unless you elect to pay freight charges.

4. Free Freight
Most items qualify for Free Freight, unless otherwise indicated by these icons above that show on the product detail page or by Wilcor sales staff.

*To Qualify for Back Order Free Freight Policy
1. Original order must have qualified for free freight.
2. Your back order must total $150.00 or more of in stock goods in region 1 or 2.
Region 3 must total $250.00 of in stock goods
3. If back orders are in stock and qualify for Back Order Free Freight then additional in stock items can be added and will also receive free freight

NOT ALL Products qualify for the Free Frieght Program